4 Lessons, my college taught me!

January 19, 2020

I was also amongst those who gave up to all their college ambitions in the first month of the college itself. Grown-up watching some typical Bollywood movies, from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai to Yaariyan, created a very different image of college life in my mind. I thought the college life would be full of colours, concerts, parties, adventures, beaches and fests, but was nothing like that.

I lost all my faith in college activities and fests when I saw that Mr. Fresher and Miss Fresher were selected on the basis of balloon burst contest and eating the biscuit on the forehead without touching the hand wala chindi game, in my first Freshers Fest.

But still, after 3 years, I left that campus with the best life lessons for me, which somehow transformed me into a very different character.

(Disclaimer: This blog have no images. So, thorough reading is appreciated.)

1. You don’t always need to be on stage to be recognized.

A guy, who is not the topper of the class, who don’t know how to dance or sing, don’t know how to draw and who is far not compatible with sports, have zero signs of attractions. Yes, I was that guy, and I still am. In school, I had this thing that I don’t know any cool art which other students do and somehow became the piece of a joke almost every alternate day with this squint eye of mine.

While in college, I observed that people do appreciate your hustle and hard work, and that got me to this whole scene of being the backstage guy, who was appreciated by all the faculties in his very first college event. I learnt something in my school that “dedication is key to appraisal”. This proved true when I was for the very first time recognized and admired for my creativity and management, while I was not even on the front stage.

After leading the student event management team for a year, I for the first time stepped on the stage with full confidence and belief to host the Freshers Fest in my final Year (Before that, I had performed some small gigs, which never actually landed well).

2. Age is actually just a number!

Entering the college at the age of 16 was a bit surprising for everyone, which led me to hide my age from all my batchmates (which I totally failed). But the coolest part was, none of them ever underestimated my projections and plans to execute the tasks, whether cultural or political. I was always taken into consideration and my views were always appreciated. Even leading the cultural team, despite being the youngest, never made a difference.

I still remember the faces of all the faculty members, when I disclosed my age in my farewell speech, that I am 18 years old and will leave the college in a month, and one of the professors later stated – “You thoroughly proved that age is actually just a number”, this still brings a smile on my face whenever I recall it.

3. You can have multiple passions, and that’s okay!

Brought up in the age, when following the passion is supported by everyone. Be it conventional or unconventional. But I always had multiple passions. I always loved to explore new forms and new things. Anything interesting might generate some sort of passion in me for the same. From advertising to management to presentation to branding to computers to anchoring to academics to writing to economics to politics to competitions. I like to explore everything but was always taught that “follow your passion, focus on one thing”. But in college, I learnt that there is no harm in exploring every art, as you won’t know what would connect you to something unimaginable!

4. If you believe in yourself, everyone at the end will understand.

There was a time when we were preparing for the Fresher’s Fest in the final year. It was the first fresher’s fest under my management and I didn’t want it to be the same with ballons and biscuits wala chindi 1 minute games. I wanted it to be informative, engaging and entertaining. And thus, we designed a whole new concept of the fest. I still remember that we all were super excited to execute that but the management called me and raised objection over the new concept, mentioning that the freshers can never perform that and the show will be a super flop.

I don’t know why, but had full faith in the concept and guaranteed the management that it will be the blockbuster event ever. Despite facing a lot of criticism and restrictions, we finally managed to execute that fest, and we didn’t let the management down and made the most remarkable college event in the whole city that year.

Later, the management applauded us and that day I realised, just believe in yourself and sometimes, take the risk.

I still someday feel that this was not the way I projected my college life to be. There was a lot more to explore, I could have involved in better things, should have actually listened to the professors and participated in inter-college activities and win some trophies for the college. But thik hai, I did what I found right at that time, and have no regrets of participating in those activities, which I should not have been a part of. Every experience ends up with a good or a bad mark, but in the end, you learn something for sure.

“Certificates never motivated me, but leaving a benchmark is what I believe”

Let me know your learnings from your college journey in the comments below. You can even share this blog with your college buddies on Facebook or WhatsApp. See you next time. Thanks for reading. Tada!!