5 Days without Internet – Gramya Jeevan Darshan-2018

May 27, 2018

In today’s digital world, have anyone ever thought, we might have to live without the Internet. Ask yourself, can you live without Network and Internet for a Day or even an hour? There are chances that your answer would be no! While I lived for 5 Days without Network and Internet, and that without any prior planning. Not just me, over 100 students of South Gujarat University experienced this Internet Black-out for Five Days in Rural-Jungle Regions. I am gonna share my Experience in this blog.

I am Dinesh Mundhra, a Tech & Lifestyle Blogger and a Student of Veer Narmad South Gujarat University. Our University in collaboration with Students For Development (SFD) organized a Camp “Gramya Jivan Anubhuti-2018” where more than 300 students of South Gujarat University had participated. The purpose of the camp was to meet and greet with Rural People, understand their lifestyle, know their culture and experience their Way of Living.

Our stay was at a hostel of a small school in Pimpri Village of Daang District in Gujarat. Pimpri was our sub-camp where with me more than 100 students of different colleges of South Gujarat University stayed. The moment we entered the Village Boundaries, we found that our Cellular Networks are not visible. We were so pissed off that there would be no contact with family and they might be worried coz of that. None of the leading Operators including, Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Reliance Jio, Tata DoCoMo had their towers accessible in the region, except the BSNL. We were so unlucky that none of the students in the camp had BSNL connection and this was the start of our “Life Without Internet” Journey.

On the first Morning of the camp, we were taken to our first village, i.e., Nadagkhadi. The village was full of sweet people, who welcomed and greeted us with joy. Despite being unknown, they invited us to sit and offered water. While there was a quite scarcity of Water Resources in the village, but still they didn’t hesitate. We discussed the lifestyle of the village. Similarly, we visited Sarovar, Godadiya in the next two days. I with my team experienced the wonderful culture of those villages which were basically in Jungle Region of The Daangs. Somehow, on the second day, I even got separated from my team and got lost. We met back after 2 hours. Ya! it was a terrible but somewhat exciting experience. Roz Roz gum hone ka mauka thodi milta hai. :p 

What did we do without Cellular Networks?

We were quite pissed off in the first couple of days in the camp. No contact with family, No WhatsApp, No Hike Chats, No Insta-Snap Stories, blablabla… We somehow felt that we were disconnected with the world as we didn’t had BSNL, Connecting India. Haha! Poor joke. But we got used to that. We switched off our cells and kept them in our backpacks. Only a few devices were active to play Music. We played outdoor games, had cultural shows in the evening performed by students of the camp itself, which included, Dancing, Singing, Mimicry, Poems, Gazals, Bhajans, Garba, etc. We started enjoying our company, and we weren’t concern about what’s going outside. We had sleepless nights, Musical Days, one-to-one communication, masti-dhamaal, and much more. We after the camp were thankful that we didn’t had access to the internet for those 5 days. Else, we might not be able to enjoy those moments and meet new buddies. Instead, we might just get stuck to mobile and internet and would not even participate in those enjoyment activities.

So in the end, I would just say that those 5 Days without internet were amazing, a joyfull unexpected experience, and somewhat necessary for us in today’s Mobile-tached life. If you ever get a chance to have such experience, then don’t miss it. Also, you should ask your school, college, or university to organize such camps in Remote areas, just to get rid of this busy urban schedule for a few days. According to me, that would be the real vacation, full of joy & peace.

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