5 Reasons why I hate watching WhatsApp Stories

March 28, 2019

WhatsApp is cool, isn’t it? It let us connect with our people, let us have a conversation with our Friends and make us forcefully be added in the insane Family Group. Still, it’s the most important part of our daily life. While, everything else is fine here, but the one thing I hate in WhatsApp is its stories, which they call as WhatsApp Status (which doesn’t actually have any status updates).

Could you believe that in India, Around 95% of WhatsApp Stories actually does not have status content? Instead, they have some random stupid posts and videos. So here are my reasons why I didn’t like watching WhatsApp Stories.

Reasons why I hate Watching WhatsApp Stories

1. Music Videos

The very first reason is but obvious, the stock of so-called Music Videos with some amazing Creativity of Cartoons and Text! The whole lyrics of the song is supposed to be displayed. Like, Subtitles ki Dukan, without a story. I mean, why, why do people post those Music Videos. Milta kya hai?? Let’s be clear, Major of the videos are related to love, Dosti, ladki, romance, blah blah. And then the recent trend, the Patriotic Videos. Means, if you haven’t posted anything about our Army, then you don’t exist. And the most irritating part is, everyone is posting the same video. Like I was recently watching the stories on WhatsApp, and I found that every second story would have the Music “Mera Bhola hai Bhandaari”. I am like, what, why!! Everyone is posting the same video.

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2. PUBG Chicken Dinner Post

The next sort of disruption is the post of #WinnerWinnerChickenDinner. You would agree that we all have at least one friend who would daily post that he won the PUBG Battle. Uh! Let me correct, he won Chicken Dinner. I am like what! Okay, Congrats but yay roj roj dhindhora pitne ki kya zaroorat hai. Posting once in a while is okay, but regularly!!! We all play PUBG, and we all win the battle someday, but why do we need to showcase it like an achievement all the time. And no one is actually interested in watching your story of #WinnerWinnerChickenDinner with #JaiPUBG. Uh! Common, Grow up!!!

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3. Motivational Quotes

WhatsApp has a large audience who would daily download Motivational Quotes from Pinterest and then post it on their Story, with #AajKaSuvichar. First of all Bhaiyaji, why do you use Hashtags on WhatsApp? And number two, don’t you have something else to post? It’s like, they are the Atmaram Bhide of our WhatsApp Society, who needs to publish Suvichar daily on the Notice Board called “WhatsApp Status”

4. TikTok Videos

This is crazy now. This problem persists with Instagram Story too. Why do people share all of their TikTok videos on WhatsApp, Instagram, Hike, Facebook, Youtube, Telegram,… hhhh! Dude, agar sab idhar hi post karna tha, then why the fuck do TikTok exist. Have faith on the app, make people watch it on the TikTok app only. (P.S. While some videos are worth sharing, but only some!!!)

5. Same story on Every App

And this is the most disgusting thing. People would share a story on Snapchat or Instagram, and they would download it and share it on WhatsApp and Facebook Story! And the worst part is, I am connected with them on every network. Means same story din mein 4 baar dekhna padta hai.

Thus I hate keeping an eye on WhatsApp Stories and prefer to watch the Status updates on Instagram only. Let me know in the comments, what you think about WhatsApp Stories and people posting on WhatsApp Stories. And which Platform you like to stay active on. See you soon!! Tada!!


  • Shantanu Sinha March 28, 2019

    It’s fuckin true.. WhatsApp Stories are disgusting..

  • kapil jain March 28, 2019

    haha.. its true.. even i stop watching whatsup status. instagram is the best.

  • Ashmita Maheshwari March 28, 2019

    Na.. What’sApp is not bad. Family Instagram pe nahi hoti sabki. Toh stories. WhatsApp pe hi post karenge na… Warna sabko pata kese chalega..

  • Saurabh Chachan March 28, 2019

    Arey, India me aajkal Zindagi hi Jai Hind and motivational quotes ban chuki hai. Ab Insta pe sab daale to followeres unfollow karna start kar denge. To bacha ye bechare Whatsapp. Whatsapp status ka koi dosh nai isme 🀣

  • Rahul Sharma March 28, 2019

    True af!

  • Sweta pandey March 28, 2019

    Absolutely right πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  • Shishir pathak March 31, 2019

    They just want to seek attention OR they are just following their friends. Its a pretty meaningless thing to do. Basically, if there is someone in your contact list who posts some WhatsApp updates daily, you can assume he/she is a attention seeker and it’s best to mute them instead of feeding them attention.

  • Ramkishan chouhan March 31, 2019

    Sahi bolgai bhai tum..#koi toh train bana dete hπŸ˜‚

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