Myntra Blink Go review: A stylish Fitness Band, every youth must prefer

September 9, 2018

Looking for a Fitness band like Fitbit? But its quite expensive? Then this blog post is really gonna solve your problem. Hey readers, I am Dinesh Mundhra, a Tech & Lifestyle Blogger. I have been testing and sharing reviews on a bunch of Gadgets and today, I am going to tell you about the Myntra Blink Go, a Smart & Stylish Fitness band by Myntra after using it for more than 3 Months.

An introduction Myntra Blink Go:

Myntra Blink GO is a stylish and fancy Smart Fitness Band featuring a bunch of Smart Features. The band can track your footsteps count, calories burn count, monitor your sleep, notify on Call and messages, etc. I will talk about the features later in this post. The Blink Go Smartband have been developed by an in-house team at Myntra’s Innovation Labs after the acquisition of Witworks. The band is available in catchy colours and top-of-the-line specs at a competitive price point of Rs. 2099. The price sometimes goes up and down, but usually, you can find it at Rs. 2099 + Taxes. Check the current Price of Band here.

Smart wearable Myntra Blink Go

Features of Myntra Blink Go:

This smart fitness band packs all the features which a Fitness band should have. It tracks the steps and distance very accurately as compared to other bands in this range. The band is Bluetooth enabled, which allows you to get info about your workout on your Mobile through Blink Fit App (available on both Android & iOS, while not on Mobile Windows for obvious reasons ;p ).

The highlight of the band is that it has a Heart Rate monitor, which continuously checks your bpm, and save a track record of it which can be found on the Blink Fit app. The best thing I liked about the band is the colour TFT display, which generally no other Bands in this range provide. While the down point is that, the screen is not clearly visible in Outdoor Lighting conditions. While the band is IP 67certifiedd, that means, its waterproof, so you can take it underwater too. But yet, use it wisely.

Box contains:

The Myntra Blink GO band comes in a sweet and small box, which includes a quite of the usual stuff. It consists of the band, the designer strap, and a free usual Black Strap and a User Manual.

What, no Charger!!!! How will we charge it up? Don’t worry. Myntra has smartly built this smart band. You just need to remove the strap and boom! You will find the USB Charging Point. Just connect it directly to any Charging Adapter or to your PC. Thus, no jhanjhat of carrying the charger all around. Just plug the band directly and heat it up!

My Final Words:

After using the band for more than a couple of months, this band has now been a permanent member of my outfit. I take it to my college, I hold it up on my wrist while working up in office, I have it with me while eating, I even dream out allowing it to track out my sleep. Thus, the Myntra Blink as per me is the perfect companion in your day to day activities. It tracks up your work out, it monitors your sleep. It checks up your Heart Behaviours, it notifies you on all notifications. What you can expect more from a band in this price range. So it’s a pure thumbs up from my side to grab this band on your wrist. Buy this band from here: Myntra Blink Go Smart Fitness Band.

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