Why I still use 3G internet in 2018? Life without Jio – An experience

November 13, 2018

There are high chances that you are reading up to this blog on a 4G handset and with a 4G internet. In this world of 4G network, where 5G is about to launch in the next couple of Years, I am still using a 3G connection primarily on my Phone. It might sound stupid, but after reading this full blog, you would change your way of the scene. In this blog, I am gonna cover about 4G in India, what real 4G is, what are the benefits of using a 3G, and much more.

Before starting this blog, I would like to clarify that, all that I am sharing in this blog is based on my personal experience only, and is about my usage. This may not be applicable to all of the users, but I believe its relatable to the masses.

What is 3G, 4G, 5G, etc.?

Before beginning up with the real agenda, it is necessary to know about what do this 3G, 4G, 5G, etc. actually mean. I won’t go much technically deep, while would just brief about this. The G in 3G, 4G, 5G, stands for Generation, i.e., Third Generation, Fourth Generation, Fifth Generation. and so on. All these are different generations of the network capabilities. A new generation of network brings, better internet speed, which technically means better data transfer speed, new features, etc.

3G vs 4G:

Image result for 3g vs 4gThere is a vast difference in 3G & 4G network in technical scenarios. But I will be comparing this on the basis of regular day to day usage of a normal guy. So basically, 4G is 10 times faster than 3G. That’s true. But is that actually is?

History of 4G in India

Commercially, 4G hit the Indian market in 2015 with the introduction of 4G by Airtel in India. Remember the Airtel wali ladki.

But the real boost India got in terms of 4G usage, was the entry of Reliance Jio. Jio took the 4G industry and its usage on a next level. People started heavily using the 4G internet. The data was free for a year, and even the later introduced commercial plans were very cheap. Due to this, major of the people use 4G internet.

Why I use 3G, instead of 4G?

Now the main point, despite cheap 4G plans, why I still use 3G. So I am using Tata Docomo currently. Yes! There are still people like me who still use Docomo. And trust me, we are the most blessed users. Why? While here’s why.

Image result for tata docomo

Tata Docomo has only 2G and 3G towers in the country. So basically, they couldn’t stand in the disturbed Telecom Industry of India after the 4G revolution. People started switching to other 4G operators like Jio, Airtel, etc. Thus what happened, the traffic on 4G network saw a sudden growth. A huge part of the population started 4G on regular and heavy usage. But the scene is, none of the operators was ready to handle such a high traffic, as they have limited 4G towers in the country.

The scene in 2016 was when all the major of the companies started rolling 4G services, they planned a stable growth. But after the entry of Jio, the demand of 4G network boosted. But the towers were limited. Thus the speed of 4G started reducing, as when there were 500 users in the coverage area using 4G, now it had 50,000 users. The number of users grown fast, but the tower were not placed proportionately.

Related image

But, now the load on 3G has reduced widely. People don’t use 3G much, but still, 3G towers exist in the market, as 2G towers are being deployed, 3G isn’t. And still, Non-Jio operators rely on 3G for Voice Calls. But the Data traffic is clear, and bandwidth is free of the load now. Thus, 3G has a great speed, which what I would compare with current 4G speeds in normal usage. I mean, I can watch video on 720p and 1080p without any buffering. So you can think, what the speed would be. Jio wale ache se samjenge is dard ko.

And you know, what is the tariff plan of Docomo. In 500 bucks, I get Unlimited Calling and 100 SMS per day just like other operators, with 2GB of Data per day with 90 Days of plan validity. Basically, I was getting what I needed, a best speed, enough Data, no hassle of keeping other Jio number, aur phir sabko batane ki zaroorat bhi nahi ki, yay mera jio ka number hai, aur yay whatsapp ka alag. So I am prety satisfied with Docomo 3G

Benefits of Using 3G

Using 3G also have a couple of benefits.

  • It saves battery. Yes, using a 3G network consumes less battery than the 4G network. And if you use Jio or Airtel or Vodafone VoLTE, then the battery is highly consumed.
  • Faster Call connection: If you are one, who uses Airtel or Vodafone or Idea without VoLTE functionality, then you must have noticed that when you make a call, your phone network undergoes to 3G. Yes, it’s quite technical once again, but on 4G network, you actually cannot make a call. The phone undergoes to the 3G network to connect the call. This takes time and battery coz the network is continuously switching. That’s why, operators are expanding VoLTE services, that stands for Voice over LTE, which means, call on 4G. But as I am using 3G already, so no switching, no delay in the call connection.
  • Less data consumption: Yes, compared to 4G, 3G data is consumed slowly. Thus I already have 2GB data (which is generally extra already in this price range) and that too could be utilized longer.
  • More Coverage: People believe that Docomo ka network acha nahi hai, har jagah nahi pakadta, etc. etc. But trust me, I live in Surat, and I have the best experience with Docomo only. I get network everywhere. Even where Jio and Gujarat’s best network Vodafone fails, Docomo still hits up and help me. I get to network at my home, college, workplace, everywhere very efficiently. Not just this, when I am out to Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Gandhinagar, etc., I still get the best service. And after the acquisition by Airtel, if by chance I don’t have Docomo’s coverage, I can access the network through Airtel’s tower. Thanks to the Intra-Roaming agreement. While I don’t have to rely on it, coz in my experience, Docomo almost har jagah dodta hai.
  • Access to Airtel Apps: Just a small benefit, that Docomo users too can have access to Airtel apps like Airtel TV. Docomo users too get access to premium content of Zee5, AltBalaji, Hotstar, etc. for free till 2099.
  • One number only: Another small benefit which only Jio users can relate with. I don’t need to have any other number for call and data, and another primary number for WhatsApp and other official works.
  • Cheap plans: That’s obvious that 3G will be cheaper than the 4G network. And with recharge platforms like Mobikwik, it’s far more cheap. I get a huge SuperCash back on my recharge, which makes my monthly savings huge.

So this why I still use 3G, coz 4G se badiya speed mujhe 3G mein milti hai. It’s sad that despite we are the leading 4G and data consumption nation in the world, we have one of the slowest 4G speeds in the world. For me, it makes no sense of using 4G and be irritated from the network. For me, speed matters the most, and hopefully for you too. One more sad thing that, despite reading up to this whole blog, and after knowing that Docomo 3G is a far better option, you cannot get a new Docomo Connection now. The operator has stopped getting new connection already. While, if you have a Docomo Sim, but you don’t use it, coz you think yay bhangar hai,  give it a try. If you are irritated of your existing network, then do try considering this. Try with one month plan initially, and see the difference. If you feel its worth it, then go with it. You can experiment this on your existing Airtel, Vodafone or Idea connection too. If you are nor getting good 4G speed, try switching to 3G in phone settings. Use your device in 3G for a couple of days, observe the difference. Choose appropriately.

Thanks for reading to this blog. Hope you liked it. If yes, share this with your friends and family on WhatsApp and Facebook. Comment up your views in the comment section below.


  • Shankar Shah November 18, 2018

    While thats not true properly. I get a good speed in Vodafone! 4G is not bad.

    • Dinesh Mundhra November 19, 2018

      Bro, yes! People are receiving good speeds. But I am talking in terms of my experience, which major of the people are relating. And congrats, if you are enjoying real 4G speeds.

  • Isma Pathan November 18, 2018

    Well….i’ve thought about this too earlier…but not for amy particular companu like idea,Airtel,etc..but jio!!!

    Many people are getting their jio sim..which is like…

    Yaar ek sath itne sare log jio use karte busy and buffering toh hona hi hai phirr!

    And what you said above clear all my doubts…
    I use IDEA sim, also 3G .
    I’am satisfied already with the data connectivity and phone calls.

    Hope you come up with more dhasu (hosh mein laane wale) blogs like this..?

    • Dinesh Mundhra November 18, 2018

      Haha! Thanks Isma! And yes, I will be writing more such blogs every week. And stay tuned, something new is also coming up in next months!?

  • Aakash November 18, 2018

    Woh! They way you analyzed was amazing.

  • Prem Jha November 19, 2018

    Oh Great man! You write amazing. Meine toh kabhi esa socha hi nahi. Aaj hi 3G try karunga ek baar

  • SANDIP GARAI November 20, 2018

    Bro…Mai Jahan rehta Hun vhan mujhe Jio ki speed 1.5mbps se 2mbps milti h.. secondly Jio k paas HD calls h…tere 3g Jio Jess HD CALLING nhi hoga hope so…it has the best call quality….nd for Ur kind information kbhie kisi gaaon ya fir kisi remote areas m jaoge tbh pata chalega..Docomo ki kya aukat h…JIO KAHAN DOCOMO KAHAN😂😂😂😂

  • Latasha April 22, 2019

    Do you have any kind of pointers for composing posts? That’s where I always battle as
    well as I simply wind up staring vacant screen for long time.

    • Dinesh Mundhra May 3, 2019

      Yes! Starting with deciding a catchy Title, I go on writing the subheadings first and then would write the blog content inside the Headings. This is how I write my blogs generally!🤗

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