Is Sunday really a Holiday? Why Sunday is a holiday, why not Monday, or Thursday?

February 24, 2019

Hey Sunday Readers, what’s up! Hope you all are free today, cause its holiday. Isn’t it? You are chilling and having fun with your friends and family, watching Hum Sath Sath hai or Sooryavansham on TV. All this because its Sunday, which means, Chutti from School, College, Work, etc. Just Fun Day. But is Sunday really a Holiday. Why Sunday, and not Monday or any other day? Let’s Figure it out.

First of all, let me tell you that Sunday has never been declared as Holiday in any books of law or rules in India. So officially Sunday is not a Holiday declared by Government in any rules or law. This is confirmed through an RTI filed by an activist in Jammu earlier in 2012. Then why do we have Sunday as a holiday? Basically, this theory is connected with various historical stories.

When was Sunday started as a holiday in India

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Let’s go back to our old School History books. Remember Narayan Meghaji Lokhande, the Father of the Trade Union Movement in India. I guess, you do! If not, let me brief about him. Lokhande was an active activist for Labours in India. He was considered as the leader of Bombay Mills Labours. He fought with the British Government for the rights of labors. And yes, the holiday of Sunday is also his gift to the labors and now for all of us.

In the 19th Century, during the British Rule, the mill workers in India used to work hard for all seven days of a week. They didn’t get any kind of leave to get rest. Whereas, the British officials and workers would go to church every Sunday and offer their prayers buy there was no such clause for the Indian mill workers.

Thus Narayanji made a proposal in front of the government (British) for a weekly holiday to be given to the workers to take rest and fulfill their odd works. But the Britishers denied. While, Narayanji ne thaan li, and continued the protest for the weekly leave. After seven years of protest and struggle, the British Government declared Sunday as a holiday on 10th June 1890 for the mill workers. And from there, the trend of Sunday being a holiday started in India. But-but-but, as I mentioned earlier, Sunday was never an official leave according to law. But hamein kya, Bachpan mein School se chutkara, aur ab College aur Office se kam se kam ek din toh shaanti milti hai. Which you again waste in watching old Taarak Mehta Episodes. Haha! But wait, why Sunday? Why not Monday, Tuesday or Thursday?

Why Sunday is only considered for Weekly Leave?

There is no proper fact about why Sunday is considered for the Weekly Leave. Actually, the Christians used to go for prayer on Sunday as it is the last day of the week. Also, the schools were off on Sunday so that Students can participate and involve in other co-curricular activities after week-long studies. In Hindu tradition, Sunday is considered as the day when Surya Deva is worshiped to bring peace and prosperity. In most of the Muslim countries, the day of worship is Friday. And hence, there is a holiday on Friday. While in most of the other countries, Sunday is declared as a Holiday since Sunday is the last day of the week. People need a day off to get rest and offer their prayers.

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