5 Reasons why you should still listen to Radio in 2019

June 2, 2019
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In the world of Television, Youtube, OTT Platforms, Streaming apps, people believe that Radio or say FM Radio Channels are now outdated. While that’s not true! There is a huge audience who still listen to the Radio and follow their favourite RJs. But if you don’t listen to Radio, then after reading this blog, you might end up plugging headphones into your phone and listening to the Radio on the phone, as I am going to share five reasons why you should listen to Radio in 2019.

Hey, I am Dinesh Mundhra, and in this blog, let’s talk about Radio, which was once considered as the companion of every Indian Man. Remember those days, when at every Nukkad and Chai ki Tapree, people used to gather and listen to news from Akashvani (All India Radio) and have a chit chat on Nation’s Politics & development agendas. Umm, chances are you don’t, as many of you haven’t seen that India, as you might not be that old.

But I believe you would have heard about FM Radio shows and a bunch of Popular RJs. There is a high probability that you aren’t that actively listening to Radio, but trust me, Radio teaches you a lot. I am listening to Radio since my childhood and found a lot of content and knowledge which made me learn some unique life skills. So here are a few reasons why you should listen to Radio in 2019.

Why should you listen to Radio in 2019?

Time has changed, and Radio has been transformed into FM Radio, where we find various Channels with a variety of content to listen to. Here are my top reasons to listen to Radio:

1. Latest Music

Firstly, Radio is Free and comes enabled with your car and major of the phones out there in the market. Secondly, it brings all the latest songs and music which is trending in the town. Yeah, I know, with apps like Spotify, Gaana, Saavn, etc. we can access the same, but trust me, the experience with FM Radio Channels is a lot different. Every city and every region have a different taste in Music. Hence to listen to the music trending in your area, Radio is kind of the best platform.

FM Radio App Screenshot

2. Horror and Other Stories

One of my favourite part of Radio is listening to Horror stories. I enjoy listening to such stories a lot, as the way the narrator describes the story, I end up visualizing the whole scenario, which is a crazy experience. Not just horror stories, fictional stories by Nilesh Mishra on Big FM and other stations are an important part of Sunday for many people.yaadon ka idiot box with nilesh mishra big fm

I have been listening to Nilesh’s Yaadon ka Idiot Box since I was in 6th Standard, I guess, and still listening after completing my bachelors (P.S. I still have a couple of KTs?). You would get connected to his stories and his all-time popular tagline “Baat Bebaat pe Apni hi Baat kehta hu, Mere andar mera chota sa shehar rehta hai.”

There are a bunch of other shows as well on every Radio Station be it RED FM, Radio Mirchi, Fever or My FM. While who can forget Radio City ka Babar Sher. This small fun show on the channel makes every person stop whatever he is working and focus just on his Poor Shayari jokes. Similarly, every Radio Channel have their own mini fun shows like Actor Calling Actor on Big FM, Mirchi Murga on Radio Mirchi, Mubarak Bhai on RED FM, etc. So the point is, Radio has a sort of very different content which if you are not listening to, then you are missing a lot of amazing FREE content!!

3. Local City Updates

Radio Channels are amongst the first ones to provide all the latest updates about the city, whether there is any tragedy in the City, or any amazing event going to be organized in the town. From City ka Tapmaan, to kisi citizen ka Apmaan, from Movie Reviews to the latest news, Radio brings all this in one place. So you got another reason to listen to Radio on Daily Basis.

4. Traffic ka Haal

Image result for traffic INDIA

In the era of Google Maps and its Live Traffic Navigation, you would be like, why do we need Traffic Updates. But actually, you do! You need Real-Time Traffic Updates, as Google Maps work on users motion speed algorithm and predict the traffic. But the Radio would have the proper and exact information, and they also help in sharing the road blockage and sometimes, police wale kahan challan kaat rahe hai, wo bhi hint de dete hai. Haha!? You can’t imagine how helpful it is.?

5. Great RJs who make us feel as if everything is fine with the world

And last but not least, the Radio Jockeys. Kabhi kabhi lagta hai, yay log hi bhagwan hai! Whatever is going in your life, these people fill your life with joy and motivation. The RJs on the Morning Shows makes you super fresh with super songs, and the Lunch and Afternoon show RJs keeps you updated with the world.

Image result for RADIO JOCKEY

And yes, don’t forget those Love Gurus and their love tips. Damn, how many times they have made people come out from depressions and made confident. Also, they have made countless relationships. These RJs are the real angels, whose just voice makes a significant impact on your day to day life.

Thus, these were the top 5 reasons why you should listen to Radio. There are more countless reasons for you to listen to Radio Shows, which you will realize once you start listening to them. So just plug in your headphone to the phone and open the FM Radio App. Tune-in to the local radio stations in your area and enjoy. Do let me know in the comment box below, who is your favourite RJ and which is your favourite Radio Show. Read my other blogs here: #Blogs You can also check out my Instagram profile @dineshmundhra00. Tada!!


  • Shakti Shrimali June 2, 2019

    Even I agree.. Radio brings joy to people life. I love hearing to Rj Malishka and the current favourite show is Vidya Balan’s Dhun badalkar dekho on Big FM.

  • Jasmeen June 2, 2019

    Radio is still one of my fav source of entertainment at midnights🤩

  • varsha golchha June 2, 2019

    Supurb? blog Dinesh. My interest for radio is developed from my childhood bcz at that time my parents were listening radio on a daily basis. I have many childhood memories with my radio,my all time favorite RJ is one & only nilesh mishra sir .
    Good job dinesh You covered each & every topic beautifully???

    • Dinesh Mundhra June 2, 2019

      Thanks Varsha!! Nilesh Mishra is a legend, I guess we all agree!! Let’s share this blog as much as possible and make this blog reach to Nilesh Mishra!!🔥

  • Bhumi Jain June 2, 2019

    Really amazing!!! It really urge me to go in the days where I just use to listen radios and specially on Saturday night because it used to dj night😂. Loved your blog!!

    • Dinesh Mundhra June 2, 2019

      I am blessed to hear that! While Saturday nights are still on! Both on and off air!!😉

  • Hairstyles Cook July 21, 2019

    Great write-up, I抦 normal visitor of one抯 blog, maintain up the excellent operate, and It is going to be a regular visitor for a lengthy time.

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